A DWI actually consists of two separate actions.  The first involves your driving privileges (suspension of your license), and is considered civil in nature.  The second is actually the DWI, which could be a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense and, depending on the circumstances could result in a hard labor prison sentence of up to 30 years.

DWI defense is a very technical and detailed practice and not every attorney is current on the new laws and procedures involved in properly defending such cases.  I have been an attorney for over 25 years, a former Assistant District Attorney with over 12 years experience in prosecuting DWI offenses, a retired Louisiana State Trooper with over 11 years experience in DWI investigation and was voted one of the “Best of the Best Lawyers” in SB Magazine, for more than a dozen years.

I would like to extend to you my experience, and the services of my office, in seeking to prevent this matter from seriously affecting your driver’s license, driving and criminal records, and insurance premiums.  Perhaps the most important service I can provide to you is to see that your legal rights are properly protected so you are not wrongfully convicted of a serious criminal offense for which you are not guilty.

It is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. You must act immediately to preserve your rights in regards to your driver’s license. Otherwise, your license could be suspended for a minimum period of 90 days or for as long as several years and your insurance could be cancelled or at least your rates could be increased dramatically for years to come. This could ultimately affect your employment, your future career plans, and could even affect your family members who are not even aware of your situation. Your failure to act immediately could be extremely detrimental to your case.

Even if you are convinced you were legally intoxicated while driving a vehicle and want to plead guilty to the offense, there are many pitfalls in representing yourself such as a mandatory jail time of 48 hours for a first offense and 96 hours for a second offense if your blood alcohol level is found to be above a certain amount. Some judges may even require a mandatory jail time if you refused to take the breath or blood test.

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